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Mila Kunis is rarely mentioned in celebrity plastic surgery discussions. However, a reader request prompted me to investigate, and my findings may surprise you! Mila, 30, from “That ’70s Show,” was crowned the sexiest woman alive by FHM. On closer inspection, she may have had some help getting to the top of that list!

Mila in 1999

Mila was only 15 when this picture was taken. You don’t like the ’90s, do you? Brown lipstick, no blush, childish hair accessories, and necklines that don’t look good on you. Still, she’s much more beautiful than the average teenager.

Mila in 2000

Genetically. Blessed. Now, her face was rounder because she still had some baby fat, and the style was for her eyebrows to be thinner. But I’m focusing on the hairline, the nose, and the eyelids. Take note.

Mila in 2007

At this point, her nose might have changed, but I’m not sure for sure. Keep in mind that it’s pretty common to have more than one nose job.

Mila in 2008

Mila’s skin looks better now, even if it is a little shiny. And compared to the picture from 2000, her hairline looks a little neater.

Mila in 2010

Skin looks great, and I think the changes to her nose help to bring out the beauty of her eyes.

Mila in 2012

About eyes, do you think Mila also had surgery on her eyelids? The person who asked for this “Before and After” thought the same thing, and I’m curious.

Mila in 2013


Mila’s eyes might look a little bit more open than they did when we first met. Or it could be the makeup, or the flash of the camera. Probably, we’ll never know.

Mila in 2014

Mila has such amazing eyes for eye makeup! She was 31 years old at this point, and it doesn’t look like she was using injections yet.

Mila in 2015

Mila had just had her first child a few months before this picture was taken. She looks wonderful!

Mila in 2016

Mila’s signature look is quickly becoming these big cat eyes. Love!

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