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Mila Kunis, a name we’ve come to know through her contributions to the show “That ’70s Show” (TV Series) has been quite the hardworking actress since her earlier days in 1994 (where she often appeared in several television series prior). Mila, now age of 39, has made quite the name for herself in the entertainment industry who previously won our hearts with her comedic appeal 26 years ago. Years later with several films to her name, Mila has come into her own as a film actress. Numerous photos shoots later, Mila Kunis can model with the best of them.

1. Mila Kunis: A stunning actress with a versatile portfolio

2. From “That 70s Show” to “Black Swan”: A look at Kunis’ career-defining roles

3. A timeline of Kunis’ stunning red carpet looks and fashion choices

4. Kunis’ gorgeous transformation from a young actress to a Hollywood A-lister

5. The evolution of Kunis’ beauty and makeup looks over the years

6. Kunis’ fitness and diet secrets: How she stays in stunning shape

7. Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s stunning couple moments on and off-screen

8. A glimpse into Kunis’ personal life and family moments captured on camera

9. Kunis’ philanthropic efforts and involvement in social causes

10. What’s next for the stunning actress: A look at her upcoming projects and roles

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