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Mila Kunis has stayed true to her roots during her two decade tenure in Hollywood — literally. When it comes to her hair, the brunette actress never jumped on-board the platinum bandwagon, or went through any kind of major hair-dye experimentation, for that matter. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a storied hair evolution, spanning from corkscrew ringlets to the blunt bob everyone’s still copying, plus every kind of side-bang in between. On the contrary, it’s a transformation for the ages.

Air-Dried Waves

Kunis was rocking the throwback look we all loved in 2002: pastel eyeshadow, soft, fluffy waves, and a few layers of lip gloss.

Glossy Ringlets

You probably didn’t know that, circa 2004, Kunis had very curly hair — or at least a very good mousse and diffuser attachment.


At 21, the star went through a very relatable side-bang phase.

Caramel Highlights

Kunis started experimenting with highlights around 2008. We adore this super subtle caramel-tinged lift from her chocolate-brunette base.

Face-Framing Layers

Here, the perfect gradual layers, shortest at the jawline and laddering smoothly down to the ends. C’est chic!

Punk-Rock Texture

By 2010 the style de jour was heavy black eyeliner paired with messy waves.

Extreme Side-Part

Long, glossy hair with a deep side-part is Kunis’ tried-and-true take on old Hollywood glamour.

Mid-Length Cut

This blunt, mid-length cut styled in a straight center-part screams ’70s revival.

Blunt Bob

Debuting a blunt bob in October of 2017, Kunis proved her angled bob worn pin-straight makes a polished accessory.

The Lob

This past spring, the Bad Moms actress stepped out with a longer lob haircut, which just may just be her Goldilocks length.

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