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A ‘90s actress more iconic than Jennifer Aniston, we’ll wait. The beloved Hollywood star, who got her start on the hit sitcom Friends, has been gracing film and TV screens and setting style and beauty trends (remember “the Rachel” haircut craze?) for decades. Although Aniston is now a household name, once upon a time, she was a New York City drama student with big dreams.

From her early role in the Ferris Bueller television show (yes, this was a thing) to almost not getting the part of Rachel, we take a look at some of Aniston’s early career highlights.

1980s: Early Star Quality

jennifer-aniston-news-photo-1692137450.jpg (721×1024)

1990: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Television Series

pictured-jennifer-aniston-as-jeannie-bueller-charlie-news-photo-1692137485.jpg (980×966)

1990: With Charlie Schlatter at Spago

actress-jennifer-aniston-and-actor-charlie-schlatter-on-news-photo-1692137517.jpg (980×1341)

1990: At the NBC Stars Party

american-actress-jennifer-aniston-poses-for-a-photo-during-news-photo-1692137546.jpg (980×1434)

1992: Leprechaun Premiere Party

jennifer-aniston-news-photo-1692137627.jpg (980×1387)

1993: On the Set of Burke’s Law

actress-jennifer-aniston-appears-in-the-who-killed-the-news-photo-1692137767.jpg (980×1478)

1994: On the Set of Muddling Through

muddling-through-a-cbs-television-sitcom-gallery-photo-news-photo-1692137798.jpg (818×1024)

1994: Filming Friends

jennifer-aniston-as-rachel-green-news-photo-1692137832.jpg (980×1267)

1995: NBC Press Tour Party

american-actress-and-producer-jennifer-aniston-of-the-news-photo-1692137954.jpg (980×1491)

1995: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

episode-618-pictured-actress-jennifer-aniston-during-an-news-photo-1692137981.jpg (980×650)


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