5 juicy facts about the big bang theory’s ladies fans rarely know

Even if you are a Big Bang Theory fan who can sing the show’s theme song by heart, you may not know all that is interesting about the pretty ladies of the show.

1. Kaley Cuoco can play a good game of tennis.

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Tennis is a sport that Kaley has been familiar with since the young age of 3. She was a nationally-ranked amateur tennis player before becoming an actress. Her ex-husband Ryan Sweeting is a professional tennis player.

2. Kaley wasn’t the preferred actress for Big Bang Theory

The show’s original pilot featured Amanda Walsh; however, that particular version didn’t get selected to go on air. Ultimately, the network gave the go-ahead to the show once Cuoco replaced Amanda as Penny.

3. Mayim Bialik is equally brilliant in reel and real-life both.

The on-screen character played by Mayim Bialic is an insanely intelligent person. She is also super bright in real life and got accepted to Harvard and Yale. She, however, turned down the Ivy League School offers and went on to join UCLA.

4. Bialik doesn’t allow any tampering with her hair

The brainy actress has created her hair care products and doesn’t use the brands available in the market.

5. Melissa Rauch was in love with the show even before she came on onboard

Rauch was a show fan even before appearing in Season 3 as Bernadette. However, she tried to act nonchalant on the set. As reported by Variety earlier, Rauch struck a deal with Warner Bros. Television for the series. The deal is worth US$500,000 per episode for a total of 48 episodes.

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