Martin Garrix Seen Cozying Up To Dua Lipa In Miami

Although a lot of people were rooting for Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha to get together after the release of their song “In the Name of Love,” it appears that young Martijn has his sights set on another one of his collaborators, Dua Lipa, who is also 21 years old.

When you consider that these two artists collaborated on the song “Scared to be Lonely,” it’s not hard to see how puns could be made on this pairing… You probably already have an idea of where we are going with this discussion.

During the time that they were in Miami making Dua Lipa’s newest music video, the two were seen cuddling up to one another and even sharing a passionate kiss. In the event that they do end up getting together, these two certainly have the potential to be adorable together.






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